Premium E-Cigarette Smokeless Alternative

Premium Electronic Cigarette Megastore

The Premium Estore company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia manufactures a range of nicotine vaporization products to serve the needs of all smokers. Their signature product is the Premium E-Cigarette system, a complete set up for vaporizing custom nicotine solutions. Their electronic cigarette can be customized in a variety of ways because of the numerous [...]

Smokeless Cigarettes Produce No Tar

Many people are familiar with the image of the lungs of a smokers after many years of the habit. Smoking is a very damaging behavior. The tar and toxins found in cigarette smoke are very unhealthy and their negative impact only gets worse over time. The harmful chemicals and tar found in cigarette smoke not [...]

No Second Hand Smoke With Electric Cigarette Use

You may have seen someone smoking an electronic cigarette recently an wondered how it worked. Although users of e-cigarettes exhale what seems to be cigarette smoke in reality it it nicotine vapor. Though smoke and vapor may look alike they are very different. Smoke is the result of combustion and contains many harmful chemicals. Vapor [...]

Electronic cigarettes utilize vaporization technology and so are much healthier smoking options than regular cigarettes. Normal cigarettes burn whole tobacco leaf. As a result the smoke that is inhaled from a regular cigarette contains thousands of harmful chemicals and tar. It primarily because of the burning that cigarettes are so dangerous and have such a [...]

Electric Cigarettes Great For Indoor Use

Electronic cigarettes involve no burning and produce no second hand smoke. Not only are they better for smokers because they create no odor but they can also be used indoors. Smoking is normally banned indoors because of the risk of secondhand smoke and the smell, two problems addressed by electronic cigarettes. Use E-cigarettes Safely and [...]

Save Money With E-cigarettes

New fees and taxes on cigarettes such as those in New York have made smoking an extremely expensive habit. Electronic cigarettes have many benefits over traditional cigarettes. They are cleaner, safer, more convenient, and even cheaper. With all of the advantages of electronic cigarettes and the recently developed technologies they employ many smokers are surprised [...]

No Flame Used In Electronic Cigarettes

Burning cigarettes are a health and safety problem avoided by users of e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have many advantages over regular cigarettes. They can be powered with either batteries or plugs and involve no open flame or intense heat. Electronic cigarettes utilize vaporization which is very different from the combustion process that takes place with standard [...]

Mechanical Cigarettes Do Not Stain Teeth

Mechanical Cigarettes are Better for Dental Health and Breath Odor Smoking has many disadvantages including health and cost. One aspect of cigarette use new smokers overlook is the damage it can do to teeth. Cigarette smoke contains many different harmful chemicals. People who use cigarettes daily often experience: bad breath tooth discoloration Bad breath can [...]

E-Cigarettes Do Not Cause Any Odor

Anyone who has ever been in a space where people often smoke can recognize the smell immediately. Trying to remove the smell caused by tobacco use from upholstery can be difficult and even impossible to completely get out. The only way to prevent the smell of cigarette smoke indoors is to not smoke indoors. Previously [...]

Luci E-Cigarette – Electronic Alternative for Smokers

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The Luci electronic cigarette is manufactured by the Luci company of Memphis, Tennessee and is intended to provide tobacco users with a cleaner and more convenient smoking solution. Their device uses vaporization technology to deliver nicotine without the heavy smoke and toxins created with traditional cigarettes. The nicotine vapor that is produced with the Luci [...]

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